United in Prosperity

A nurturing and sustainable environment for quality living

Emiratis will enjoy the highest living standards, long and healthy lives, first-rate education and well-rounded lifestyles guaranteed by excellent public services and recreational activities, within a safe and rich natural and social environment.


All Emiratis will have equal opportunity and access to first-rate education that allows them to develop into well-rounded individuals, enhance their educational attainment, and achieve their true potential, contributing positively to societ

We want our nation’s schools to nurture well-rounded citizens, confident in their inner abilities and fully equipped for adulthood.

Our educators will instill in young people the shared values of our moderate religion and our national identity. Each new generation will emerge ready to play an active and positive role in society as self-directed and responsible citizens.

Our nation will set and achieve increasingly ambitious educational targets. A progressive national curriculum will extend beyond rote learning to encompass critical thinking and practical abilities, equipping our youth with essential skills and knowledge for the modern world. In terms of such practical competencies – as well as high scores on standard international examinations – our children’s educational achievements will place them on a par with students in the most advanced nations.

The UAE will successfully encourage Emiratis to maximise their potential by remaining in school and reaching higher levels of education. School drop-outs rates will fall, university enrolment will rise, and more Emiratis will climb higher up the ladder of learning into post-graduate education. The majority of high-school graduates will choose to continue their studies, and those who do leave school early will receive other forms of support such as vocational training.

Education will provide equality of opportunity and balanced outcomes for all students. Special needs students will be properly integrated within the education system with the benefit of support programmes and infrastructure that guarantee fair access.


The UAE will promote long and healthy lives for all Emiratis by providing equitable access to world-class medical care while actively protecting against health hazards through awareness and prevention

All Emiratis are entitled to a comprehensive range of high quality basic medical services. We want the UAE to invest continually to build world-class healthcare infrastructure, expertise and services in order to fulfill citizens’ growing needs and expectations.

A nationwide commitment to quality will provide every Emirati with access to excellent health and personal care services. The UAE will take a proactive stance in developing new, more effective ways to combat locally prevalent and genetic illnesses through support for cutting-edge medical research.

While healing the sick is a clear priority, it is also true that prevention is better than cure. The UAE will intensify its fight against lifestyle diseases, where early intervention to change habits can dramatically improve citizens’ prospects for quality of life. The government will also act tirelessly to eliminate diseases spread by inadequate public health and sanitation.


The UAE will nurture high quality of life built on world-class public infrastructure, government services, and a rich recreational environment

We want the UAE government to provide citizens with world-class infrastructure, services, and leisure resources, creating a rich environment in which they can enjoy well-rounded and fulfilling lives.

On an individual level, public authorities will ensure that the people of the UAE can thrive in an environment rich in cultural and recreational activities, including sports and entertainment. Dynamic public initiatives will be complemented by a growing number of privately organised events, festivals and exhibitions.

Emiratis will benefit from customer-focused government services whose quality is rigorously monitored and constantly improved. Interactive e-government will provide citizens with an especially responsive and efficient channel of service from public authorities.

An excellent standard of infrastructure and utilities will satisfy the fundamental needs of citizens and businesses while also boosting our nation’s economic competitiveness as a leading global hub. As a symbol of mobility and interconnectivity, the UAE will reap the benefits of truly nationwide, user-friendly business and technical systems including transport and communication networks. High-quality utilities will deliver the reliable supplies of energy and water that we require.

Overall, the UAE will cement its reputation as a nation that is as attractive to business and investment as it is a thoroughly rewarding place to live.


As a leader of the green revolution, the UAE is conscious of its responsibility to safeguard nature and mitigate the effects of climate change on its habitat and ecosystems in order to ensure that future generations inherit an environmentally sustainable world

In the face of humanity’s shared ecological challenges, we want the UAE to vigorously support international initiatives to protect the environment in full consciousness of its worldwide responsibility.

As a global nation, the UAE is committed to playing its part in developing and implementing innovative solutions to protect and sustain the environment. New, energy-efficient technologies will harness the UAE’s pioneering role in the green revolution and reduce its carbon footprint. The government will act decisively to reduce the nation’s ecological deficit, promoting environmental awareness and responsible behavior among Emiratis.

The UAE will mitigate the effects of climate change in order to safeguard its environment for current and future generations. The nation’s rich natural environment will be shielded from human-induced threats – both global and local – by preventive measures such as reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and regulations to defend fragile ecosystems from urban development.

The Federation will safeguard Emiratis from harm in the event of large-scale natural or man-made environmental emergencies, guarantee the rights of present and future generations to clean air and water, and protect citizens from environmental health hazards.

Anticipating the problems of tomorrow is the only reasonable way to preserve and enhance our way of life, acting with initiative in full awareness of our collective responsibility.