Federal government health efforts towards enhancing healthcare standards and accreditation

The Ministry of Health achieved a number of accomplishments for quality and health assurance during the years 2011-2012 that would improve health services by analysing and following up on complaints and suggestions accordingly. To achieve this, several introductory meetings in every medical district were organized to unify the suggestions and complaints form, work towards an effective mechanism for the complaints and suggestions system and prepare a 3-monthly strategic performance indicator system as a well as a weekly and monthly agenda to follow up the progress of unifying the complaints and suggestions procedures.

The Quality department also activated the Incident Management System and organized a number of workshops for employees on the new system. It prepared special forms in relation to the system with unified mechanisms and monthly reviews to follow up implementation steps and results. The new system has been applied in 15 health centers and hospitals under the MOH.

The quality assurance and health accreditation department prepared a handbook about dangerous substances and organized several workshops for awareness. The handbook describes ways in dealing with dangerous substances and raises awareness amongst employees to unify mechanisms in manage them. It also implemented 8 training courses for the employees of medical districts and hospitals to improve their skills especially in patient healthcare, health accreditation, writing policies and procedures, preparing efficiency reports for nurses; risk management and supporting services for patients and their safety. One of the department’s main accomplishments, is in the preparation of the Sheikh Khalifa Hospital in Ajman and Kalba Hospital in Sharjah to attain accreditation. Sharjah blood transfusion and research center is another entity which is working towards accreditation.

These multi-pronged efforts work towards the accreditation of facilities and in enhancing national performance in this area.