The UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda aims for the UAE to be the safest place in the world

Therefore it seeks to reinforce its citizens’ sense of security and achieve leading positions in the areas of security, emergency preparedness, reliability of police services and road safety. 

Furthermore, the National Agenda reinforces the importance of a fair and active legal system that guarantees the rights of individuals and businesses, and makes the UAE’s judicial system among the most efficient in the world. 

National Key Performance Indicators

Safe Public and Fair Judiciary
Key Sponsor
Reliability of Police Services
An indicator that measures the opinion of various segments of society about the ability to rely on police services to enforce law and order
World Economic Forum- Global Competitiveness Report
Rank 2
(2017-2018 Report)
Ministry of Interior
Average Response Time to Emergencies
An indicator that measures the time it takes to respond to emergencies in all regions of the UAE, from the time an emergency is reported to the time a patrol arrives at the scene. The response time includes: receiving the emergency request, identifying and classifying its priority, determining its geographical location, moving the patrol, and reaching the location.
Ministry of Interior
13.16 minutes Rank 4 (2016)
Ministry of Interior
Road Traffic Death Rate per 100 Thousand Population
An indicator that measures the number of deaths resulting from road accidents per 100,000 population annually
Ministry of Interior
6.13 deaths per 100,000 population (2016)
Ministry of Interior
Judicial System Efficiency
A composite indicator  that measures the effectiveness of enforcing contracts within the "Doing Business" report, using a survey implemented by the World Bank on (3) perspectives:
The time needed to resolve a commercial case from its initiation to its resolution, the cost as percentage of the total value of the lawsuit, and the quality of judicial processes that measures whether an economy has adopted a series of good practices across four main areas: court structure and proceedings, case management, court automation and alternative dispute resolution
World Bank- Doing Business Report
Rank 12
(2018 Report)
Ministry of Justice
Sense of Security
A composite indicator that measures the sense of security among locals and residents through a survey that covers different segments of society and different geographic locations (NKPI specific to UAE)
Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Interior