Sheikh Mohammed reviews progress of UAE Agenda 2021

9 April 2017

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Dubai Ruler, honoured several community groups, on Monday, that have made outstanding contributions to achieving the objectives of the National Agenda. 

The Global Innovation Index executive team launched the "Innovative Industrial Start-ups" initiative, which supports start-ups from inception to marketing through legislation that will improve the UAE's overall performance in the Global Innovation Index.

Abdullah Sultan Al Shamsi, Assistant Undersecretary for Industry at the Ministry of Economy, presented the initiative, which seeks to offer financial support for SMEs, with preference to innovative industrial start-ups.

The executive team for the Ease of Doing Business Index presented a strategy with several initiatives that seek to secure the top spot in the global "Ease of Doing Business Index" for the UAE.

Al Namoos

The presentation included "Al Namoos" to reduce the waiting period for access to electricity; "Senyar", which develops land management systems and handles the settlement of land disputes; "Masnood", which protects investors in the financial markets; the Global Competitiveness Forum, which will serve as a platform to display the UAE's achievements in promoting a favourable business environment; and the Government Tourism Initiative that creates a government tourism market in the UAE, attracting official international delegations.

The executive team for the Index to Determine the Rate of Foreign Development Aid as a Percentage of the GDP launched the foreign development aid portal initiative: an electronic portal for documenting and managing information regarding the UAE's donations destined for developments abroad; there are more than 40 such donors in the UAE.

The team demonstrated how the portal will enable Emiratis working in development and human rights to use cutting-edge applications to identify potential development projects, as well as their locations, coordinates, scope, objectives, organisations involved in implementation, in addition to the value of the projects, implementation timetable, and economic, social, and political impact.

Official UAE govt portal

The official portal of the UAE Government - as well as its supporting portals - was launched by the executive team for Smart/Electronic Services Index. In the presence of Hamad Al Mansouri, Director-General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), Salem Al Hosani, from UAE TRA, gave a presentation on the portal, which represents the UAE's official electronic interface, and aims to promote a smart and connected lifestyle.

The portal seeks to spread customer satisfaction through the "Whole of government" integration feature, the government "One-Stop-Shop", and the availability of open government and non-governmental data, all of which encourage community participation, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The portal consists of six sub-portals: the Services and Information portal, a unified and comprehensive platform for all information and services directed to the public (individuals and businesses); the e-Participation portal, which displays all communication channels between the government and costumers; the Open Data portal; the UAE Sustainable Development Gate (UAE SDGs), the first of its kind in the region, reflecting the country's efforts to achieve the United Nations' development goals; a portal containing information about workers and their affairs; and, finally, the Climate Change and Environmental Practices portal, which reflects the UAE's efforts to preserve the environment and climate.

Community initiatives

The executive team for the Community and Family Cohesion Index has launched a number of initiatives including the Community Schools Initiative, which aims to introduce community schools by using the existing school infrastructure - only after school hours - to serve the surrounding communities, and to implement daily programmes and activities that spread solidarity and create a stimulating an adequate environment for school students to engage their parents in school and recreational activities.

National Identity

The executive team of the National Identity Index presented a strategy for the index. The team explained the strategy, which includes several campaigns, forums, and initiatives to preserve national identity promote a national value system, and raise awareness around the UAE's cultural heritage.

One of the campaigns called for publishing the Emirati Heritage Encyclopaedia, while others sought to establish the National Behaviour Award, the Arabic Language Initiative, and "Our Media is Our Identity" Programme.

Sheikh Mohammed  stressed, "Honouring these groups who have contributed, as active members of society, to the achievement of the objectives of the National Agenda, is a token of gratitude and appreciation for their commendable values and patriotism."

Diabetes Superheroes

Those community groups are: Diabetes Superheroes: They are the children who have made an effective contribution in spreading awareness inside and outside schools about diabetes, its dangers, ways of preventing it, the role of early detection in treatment, healthy habits, exercise and a healthy diet. They are: Rashid Hussein, Mayed Al Murr, Dana Al Jasmi, and Alia Ahmed.

The Ideal Diabetic: This is the patient who is more familiar with the symptoms of diabetes, and more committed to regular follow-up and a healthy lifestyle. Sheikh Mohammed also honoured Nisaa Abdul Aziz for making great progress in controlling their blood sugar in a short period of time.

Sheikh Mohammed also honoured Kaltham Khamis Mohammed, Yousif Jumaa Obaid Al Ali, Shams Mohammed Al Shamsi, Aisha Al Naqbi, and Abdullah Ahmed Mohammed Al Mudhani, as members of the community who have actively contributed to reinforcing social cohesion. This category includes mothers and fathers who have launched community-based initiatives, given lectures that promote the role of women in society, celebrate customs and traditions, solidarity with neighbours, and the benefits of volunteering, among others.

Honouring inventors

The Vice President honoured Emirati inventors: Ahmed Ali Abdullah Shahad, inventor of the smart customs inspection table; Amer Saeed Rabea Al-Jabri, the inventor of the first electronic reader and examiner for passports and official documents; and Wafa Ali Al-Tayari, inventor of the genetic fingerprint in the forensics field.

The award ceremony also saw Al Asayel School (second circle), Al Zaydia Secondary School, and Al Huwaitiyeen School for Girls receive recognition for their participation in the "Less Waste - More Beautiful Emirate" programme, which achieved tangible results in paper-waste reduction and launched competitions to encourage students to adopt sustainable environmental practices.

The Dubai Ruler issued directives in October 2016 to form the "Executive Teams of the National Agenda" comprising 500 government officials representing different sectors, to implement 52 national indices to measure the UAE's achievements in leadership, happiness, and the welfare of society within six sectors of national priority: healthcare, education, the economy, the environment and infrastructure, society, and security and the judiciary.

The executive teams were tasked with developing holistic action plans that include short-, medium-, and long-term initiatives; forming joint teams to carry out the tasks and initiatives; coordinating with the relevant governmental and international bodies to ensure their implementation.


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